How do I create a SWT wallet/profile? |

How do I create a SWT wallet/profile?

Go to and select "Enter here".

With the first visit to the Terminal everyone must start by creating a new user. When creating a new user it is stored locally on the device.

If you have no tokens to convert then you can simply create a new wallet by creating a password and backup.  

  • Enter here 
  • Create new user 
  • Nope, don't have any
  • Create a password

If you previously created an ARC wallet. You will be able to load your ARC wallet and create a new vault for your tokens in the Terminal. 

If you have ARC tokens then you will have a few options to access your tokens and you will be prompted to exchange ARC to SWT as long as there is an ARC balance in your wallet. 

  • Enter here
  • Create new user
  • Yes, convert my tokens
  • Enter json or private key

All user profiles have an avatar, username, public wallet address, private key, and an account balance. Users can send/receive SWT tokens immediately after creating a new user. You can also make a backup, delete this user, and log out.

Personalize your account by clicking the profile picture and username. The user can upload a profile picture or take the picture with the camera in his device. The image can be cropped before saving.

Once you have created a profile, you can log in and out at will on the current device by entering your password only; unless you delete the user, use a new browser, or clear the browser cache. In which case, you can restore your wallet with a backup file.

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