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What is Swarm City?

Swarm City is a decentralized commerce platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. We use blockchain technology and smart contracts to allow people to communicate, transact value, and earn contextual reputation.

Visit https://swarm.city to view the website and select "enter here" to create a profile, or https://thisis.swarm.city/ to learn more and see the latest updates.

It is our goal to provide a platform featuring an open global marketplace of services/service providers, currency tokens, and encrypted communication tools that offer direct access between buyers and sellers worldwide.

In the swarm.city DApp, you get access to a network of peer-to-peer (P2P) service providers and consumers.

Anyone can also easily create their own brands and hives, and start doing P2P transactions. To accomplish this, swarm.city combines the power of blockchain technology, open-source development, platform cooperativism, and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all. The core technical offering is a DApp running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Take a closer look by reading "Unmistakably Swarm" or "Cutting out the Middleman".



Swarm City "Manifest"

  • Swarm City is a decentralized swarm of people who believe in changing the world through enabling peer to peer transactions. We express our value through SWT, a token on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • We believe every human being should have access to a marketplace to exchange their created value, and be able to transact freely with any other human being, without third party involvement.
  • We don’t have leaders, founders, or managers… we don’t believe in titles. People who create value don’t need titles, they have reputation and actions to support it.
  • We have a dedicated core team of people with the combined skill-sets needed to kickstart this decentralized community. 
  • We believe in Swarmwise principles and voluntarism, and organize and act in non-coercive ways.
  • We believe in open-source creation, and sharing knowledge and ideas freely.
  • We believe that the person who spots a problem is probably best suited to solve it.

As our city grows, reputation will be the compass that identifies leaders in Swarm City. A fancy title like founder, or leader has no value. The true organizers will be known by their reputation in maintaining hashtags, and by running hives.


"Audentes Fortuna Adiuvat"


This city will be owned by the people who build it and create value by using it — as it should be!


See how this works in the video below, "What is...Swarm City?"